Company Background

Real Transit Transport and Clearing Services (RTTCS) is a clearing firm which deals with shipping, Transport and clearing services. It has main office in Rwanda -Gikondo -Magerwa .it started to offer its clearing services from 2008, where it was operating as a national company and by a good cooperation with its partners, in transport and chipping companies , from 2013 by Thanks to a diversification strategy based on innovation and on international development, it now holds strong positions in all its activities around three business lines, shipping ,Transport and clearing,With a presence on the international level . In addition its activities, the Group manage a number of financial assets including plantations and financial investments. Real transit took a holding in the Fast Easter Africa countries, Overseas group which operates in the Middle East Real transit pursued the development of its network with the opening of new branch offices in Mombasa ,Dar Es Salaam, Dubai and China . There for Real transit continues to grow by installing high-tech facilities that enable it, offering a wide range of services.



REAL TRANSIT is focused on assisting clients in reaching their goals. Therefore, our corporate philosophy is built on the idea that our success is measured by the success of our customers. To uphold a high standard of business principles, professional conduct and experience essential to deliver quality service for our clients We recognize that our staff is our most valuable asset. Our dedicated and experienced employees use the latest technology to exceed customer requirements and drive improvement in your supply chain.

Allow our customers to be so confident in our ability to deliver their product that they can devote their energy towards the core aspects of their business.


Listen to our customers and tailor services to meet their objectives. Commit to continuously evaluate, innovate, and upgrade technology and processes to eliminate error and achieve maximum efficiency. Focus on being pro-active decision-makers to mitigate supply chain risk.


To ensure quality services taking care of the your cargo ensure always that your cargo is our priority.